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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  December 25, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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few hours. all that residents can do here now is wait and see what happens. >> a line of sand bags running along the san franciscoto creek. conservation corps worked up to shore up the coast. they hope that the sand bags can prevent any more flooding. >> that's going to make you safer? >> a little bit. i think -- if it rainings again, like the other way, we're going to be flooded >> reporter: some homes still have their driveways blocked off by yellow caution tape. while the creek overflowed in some area, there is seepage and the appearance of what is called boil in the city by adds
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concerns. >> we know what to look for and we can keep a look >> reporter: rest didn't appreciate the e at that sand bags but would like a permanent solution to the flooding problem. >> does mean something but it's kind of i'll be right back trying to heal a wound that's already been cut. you know. they could have done something preventive, they have not done anything influential to let us know that we're already safe. the creek also runs through san francisco park and palo alto. in palo alto, crews sets up sand bags. back in east palo alto, all residents can do is watch the rain forecast for tonight. back to a live picture here at bay here is road, the flood stage is 15 feet. we checked the water gauge a short time ago. the creek is only running at 3 feet right now so there is no danger. but with the heavy rains just beginning a little bit to the
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north of us, obviously, that's a waiting game right here now to see what happens to this creek later tonight. back to you. >> thanks, mark. now to north of the gold en gate to cbs 5 reporter linked ya yi >> reporter: hi. of the rain is really slamming the north bay here. the storm system is causing some concerns to the residents here but they are very ready here in san anselmo. local families kept an eye on the rushing creek that runs right by the town. >> we have to check on the creek. >> reporter: are you worried? >> not this time. look at it. it's not even close. >> reporter: but they had their share of flooding flood water lefts reached five feet high, marked by the orange tape. on new year's eve, 2005, it was
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almost just as high but as devastating. waters spilled through the main dawn. some downtown businesses never recovered and closed shops. schools suffered, too. >> we completely had to switch every classroom and then -- >> was it a pretty big bless. >> a big mess. >> reporter: despite today's downpour and frosty weather, there were still folks out there strolling. >> well, i like the rain because i like water. i'm like a mermaid. >> i think that, this year, compared to last year, winter actually makes sense. like, last year, it was sunny all winter. >> reporter: while, most of businesses here have installed these new storm gates, designed to keep the water out of the businesses if it over flows yet. they have not been tested. they hope that they won't have
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to. live in san anselmo. >> the rain here trans late to snow up top. in the sierras, snow chains are required. we'll check later on. you can track radar here. tornadoes touched down in several southern states. one tornado tore off the roof of a bank. the national weather service says parts of arkansas could see up to 10 inches of snow making driving nearly impossible. airlines have delayed and canceled flights in and out of millimeter hubs, including dallas, chicago and cleveland. >> it's just--you have to it be happy, right? >> reporter: now, this storm is part of the same system that hit a few days ago. more on the national weather picture coming up at 5:30 on
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the cbs evening news. in other news, in upstate new york, police say that that man who killed two firefighters left behind a note detailing his intentions. they found another body which could be the gunman's missing sister. the killer used the same weapon as the gunman in thenewtown school shooting. >> reporter: snow-covered flowers sit in a make shift memorial for two firefighters shot and killed in the job. ex-con william spangler shot down two firefight israel before taking his own life. he left a note. >> the note does not explain why he wanted to kill. >> we are being shot at. multiple fires in town. multiple fires shot. >> reporter: he had three guns,
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including a bushmaster 323, the same kind of weapon used in the connecticut school shooting. four people were killed, two died. seven homes across the water behind me were lost in the fire. investigators searching the crime scenes are looking for any clues why the gunman did that. he had a violent past. he spent 17 years in prison for killing his grandmother with a hammer. he got out in 1998 and moved back to this neighborhood sharing a home with his sister cheryl. investigators found a charred body in the hoped and police fear it may have been her. >> reporter: con dole lenses and letters of support continue to pour in from around the world and two families are forced to spend christmas making funeral angments. in western new york, tatiana
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anderson, cbs 5. in vallejo, a car that police say was involved in a street race hit a man in a crosswalk. that man who was in his 40s was sent flying 100 feet and is now in critical condition. the driver didn't stop. investigators are now looking for a black nineties honda civic with front end damage. firefighters spent christmas eve putting out a fire. at one point, 50 firefighters were on the line. no one was hurt. another fire and this one at apartment complex at men lo park left two people without a home. it started as a grease fire in the kitchen and quickly spread. two apartments are damaged. no one was hurt still ahead, the pope's christmas message falls on deaf ears. i saw $300 which i knew i
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had not made. >> gasp stations are doing a better job at cracking down on skimmers but what needs to be done to keep your money safe. ,,,,,,
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to quote: bridge divisions. that's diplomatic talk that really means: pay attention who are egypt has a new constitution and already the u.s. is telling egypt to bridge the constitution. >> that's diplomatic for saying, do not be too focused on list lam. liberals have accused morsi of a power grab reminiscent of the mubarak area. some egyptians are hoarding dollars worried that the economy will go from bad to worse dear sisters and brothers in rome and throughout the world. a happy christmas to you. >> he urged israeli and
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palestinians to negotiate. today, israel approved construction of another 1200 units on the we bank that are israel seize in the 1960 war. and queen elizabeth delivered a christmas message, but did it in 3d for the first time. i covered every story i thought until i heard this one. >> a holiday steal. how a man was able to get a classic corvette for his 1989 sticker price and crooks are coming up with new ways to get personal info at gas stations. what you can do to protect yourself. >> just in case kids wants to get outside to enjoy all the new toys, maybe a new bike, new scooter, it is raining out. sacramento, travel on i-80 is pretty tough right now. find out when we're actually going to he several dry days in
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a row. that's coming up in the forecast, next. ,,,, oh, you have a keurig vue brewer? oh, it's great! now i can brew my coffee just the way i love it. how do you do that? well, inside the brewer, there's this train that's powerful enough to carry more coffee and fresh water to make coffee that's stronger and bigger... and even hotter! actually, i just press this button. brew the coffee you love -- stronger, bigger, or hotter --
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card readers at dozens of l supermarkets in the bay are and welcome back to cbs 5 on this christmas day. it's been more than a year
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since criminals compromised identities at dozens of area gas stations. julie watt shows us what the stations are doing. >> reporter: they are supposed to offer a bit of protection, security stickers slapped on gasp lien pump. in the sticker is broken, someone may have tried to open the machine. >> when i looked at my account, i saw a withdrawal for 300- dollar which i knew i had not made. >> reporter: this time last year, it happened to 300 customers at lucky supermarkets when crooks installed a few skimmers that went unnoticed for days. we saw some sticker, some cut, some peeled off. sign of tampering?
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>> not necessarily. >> we have not had any kind of skimmer devices put on any one of our equipment. >> reporter: he wants to put it that way. rotten robbie is joining others moving from low tech stickers to newer generation readers. >> once you try to get inside, it won't work. it's broken. >> reporter: joan at gas station card receiptors are one example of new technology spoke for a downturn in skimmer scan. >> the counter measures have really improved. >> like this pump that sounds an aalmost and kills the power if someone tries to break in. >> i think you'll try to do something different. >> experts admit as card readers get more high-tech, so do the criminals. even though the scams are down, use a credit card instead of a debit card. there are more protection or credit cards and it's easier to
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dispute fraud. julie watt, cbs 5. netflix users who want to crawl up with a couch are in luck. the streaming company is back on line. they blame amazon's clout for this to happen. this is the third time this year that an amazon outage has disrupted netflix's service. if you are dreaming of a white christmas, you certainly got your wish but enough is enough. >> who says we had a white christmas? way want the snow or nothing at all. the heaviest of the rainfall moving inland, livermore, walnut creek, vallejo. taking you to berkeley where it's still pretty soggy. not as many cars traveling on a
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typical afternoon. but speeds are reduced. south bay, asiding the rain. we have northeast south and west, right over top of san jose. we are picking up zero rainfall but, trust me, we'll get some. steady. alamo north of walnut creek and con court, south of san ramon. we are get that go brick right now in and around santa rosa which you and-of-have had 15 inches of rain over just the past four weeks. pretty sloppy over san francisco. downtown san francisco, only hit a high of 48 degrees today. one of the coldest christmases, we've had here. con court, only 45 and light rain around santa rosa. san rafael, you will drop down to 44. san francisco basically holding steady in the upper 40s. here is another deal. we still have another front. lots of moisture moving through
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but the heaviest rainfall is going to get out of here by about 7:00 or 8:00 tonight. we still, though, will be left with some showers. we are wet, windy in some areas coming up tonight with showers decreasing throughout the day and tomorrow. we get a break wednesday and most of thursday, we'll be under the influence of a large area of pressure. there is another air afterlow pressure that will bring back a shower chance for friday and saturday. so enjoy the dry, this time tomorrow and thursday because showers are coming back on friday. we're still going to see that soaking rain for the next couple of hours. slight chance of a storm, especially towards the south bay, towards cruz and the rain will be out of here thankfully. lots of you will be going to the mall. if you go late in the day, you will be dry. tomorrow, close to normal. san jose tomorrow, 55. redwood city, high of 54 degrees. walnut creek, pair of 5s. north day which harass been so
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wet recently, santa rosea, dry by the afternoon, 53. downtown san francisco, also 53 degrees. we will dry out late tomorrow. thursday looking mainly dry. showers are back, i don't expect anything too heavy on friday and saturday. then we get a longer dry stretch. looks like next week will be far different from a this week, sunday through tuesday, right through new year's day. we will likely be -- >> that's a stretch because friday was looking dry originally. >> seems like mother nature is figuring out any kind of way to get rain, she's going to do it. this is going to be wet this thanksgiving. >> thank you, paul. a decades old tradition at glide memorial church that spreads holiday cheers. volunteers worked all morning fixing up christmas trees. >> it's a san francisco from a digs here at glide --tradition here at glide memorial. we saw him here at last month's
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thanksgiving dinner. >> for me to come here and spend five hours here, we know that somebody is going to receive something good. >> reporter: it brings in first- timers like marie andrews who made a last minute decision after she saw glide feature the on the news. >> we have to give back. i can't give money because i'm not oprah but, at least, i can give my time and i'm willing to volunteer and help where i can. >> reporter: feel the rrchtd vive back for 30 years. >> all of us together make it happen. but if we are separated and isolated, we can't make it together. >> reporter: before the crack of dawn, volunteers worked tirelessly to help.
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organizers say that volunteers lots fill up within hours. helping concern during the holidays is not a problem. >> there are still poor people to serve and just remember that. it's lieuout the year. a lot of times, we can use volunteers like in march or, you know n june because we don't have -- because people are not coming regularly then >> reporter: the event brought out special guests like the asu football team. they are in town for the kraft hunger bowl and stopped to help out. >> merry christmas. >> merry christmas. >> thank you very much, bye- bye. enjoy. >> thousands of home bound seniors and people with illnesses in san francisco were not forgotten today. salvation army volunteers got up early and prepared more than 4000 traditional meals and then delivered them. but the meals were not the only thing that volunteers were donating. they were giving the gift of time and company. stolen decades ago.
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a man walks away with the steal of a deal. how he got a largely untouched corvette for a whale of a price. >> and here is what some kids in the area got for christmas. >> i got a nook. a pogo stick. ♪ . >> sounds good? >> very, gorgeous. beautiful. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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in mint condition for a gre price. been stuck in a s talk about a sweet christmas gift to give yourself a guy brought a classic corvette in mint condition. >> it had been stuck in storage for more than 30 years. here is cbs 5's stacy butler.
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>> reporter: the year that will mille vanili topped the charts. this corvette was stolen. >> i heard everything that i saw. >> the corvette still with 67 miles on it resurface the. >> it's clean, just like it was 24 years ago. >> reporter: corky rice recently bought it at a police auction. >> the most amazings thing was it had the original battery. >> reporter: it had been kept in an air tight storage container. >> somebody paid over $74,000 for the storage company. >> reporter: the man said that he could no longer pay the storage fees. he said that thugs forced him to keep it. he never knew how. >> he never said how he got it there. but it's too weird. >> reporter: mike robertson could not resist the corvette's
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smooth line and its story. >> i thought this is a time capsule. this is perfect. >> when rice listed it on ebay. >> we had over 6400 hits on ebay. we are getting 15 hits per minute. >> reporter: robert son was one of them. >> my wife asked him how much i would like to say? i said i would like to pay sticker price. >> $39,000. >> he was happy with the sticker price. >> he will never know who the car thief was or why he kept it this long. >> he did not know the statute of limitation on receiving stolen property ran out. >> as close as he was to the mexican border, he didn't drive this thing across border years ago. >> all that matter is that robertson is the very first registered owner. as soon as the car gets new tires on this body shop, he plans to take it on a drive up
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the coast. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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and here is what we are working on for the 6:00 news. >> you know, working at mcdonald or something like that. >> armed with a diploma but can't be shielded from disappointment. the growing trend of college graduates working entry level jobs in california. and cosmetic concerns. the warnings tonight about potentially bad botox. those stories and more tonight at 6:00 that will do it for now.
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cbs evening news is next. see you in a half hour. >> let's go back live to great america for their winter wonderland. >> reporter: blinding snow in the plains, high winds in the southeast. and michelle miller tells us a major storm is headed north. police share the final words of the gunman who ambushed firefighters. he used the same gun as the school shooter in newtown. chip reid reports there's now a run on assault weapons. >> i normally sell about 15 or 20 a month. i sold about 30 in three days. >> axelrod: nancy cordes says democrats will try to solve the crisis on their own. and remembering charles durning. >> i'm not too good with words, wyway. >> axelrod: a character actor like no other. >> ♪ i cannot tell a lie... captioning sponsored by cbs


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